I Want It All: Nostalgia Collection Bundle

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Can't decide and want it all? Get all of the stickers and doodlepad from the nostalgia collection in this bundle at 15% off!

This bundle includes: 

Single Stickers:

1 x Beanie Baby

1 x Etch-A-Sketch

1 x Holographic Scrunchie

1 x Butterfly Clips

1 x Gamer

1 x Tamagotchi (yellow)

1 x Tamagotchi (green)

1 x BFF Necklace

1 x Glow Baby Lava Lamp

1 x Holo Cellphone

1 x Sk8 don't H8

1x Pop Tart Buddies


Sticker Sheets:

1 x Sunday Morning Cartoons

1 x Y2K 4EVA

1 x Y2K Notebook Doodlepad